Friday, 2 December 2011

What we carry with us

We live in a wonderful street. Well we back onto a wonderful street. It is a tiny little Square accessed by an odd lane way. Most people don't know it is there and others who have taken a wrong turn stumble into it looking confused. The square is filled with an eccentric collection of houses and families to match. At the moment there must be at least 20 kids who live on the square and since Lewis was old enough to crawl he has loved pottering around the quiet cul de sac watching the big kids run, playing with the littlies or riding his bike. On sunny afternoons as I watch the kids run and play and I chat to the wonderful mums I often think 'bite me Ramsey St!'

Last night was the Gordon Sq Christmas party. Tables were dragged into the street and gradually filled with food, BBQ's were lit and most importantly, the jumping castle was inflated. As the sun set, the street filled. Drinks were drunk, food was eaten, tales were told, fun was had.

With Rowan asleep in the pouch I watched Lewis. He watched the jumping castle wide eyed. After some sweet encouragement from the big boys (and mummy who had to get on as well) he overcame his reservations and discovered the joy of jumping.

He jumped and jumped and jumped. He played, he ran, he ate (mostly chips), he soaked it all in. One of the fathers dressed up as Santa and gave out presents, the kids sang carols together.

As the evening settled in and bedtime came and went, Rich brought out a story book and a blanket and Lewis eventually fell asleep on a pile of cushions in the middle of the road, under the stars.

I turned to a neighbour as I watched Lewis sleep and said 'Will he remember this? I hope he remembers' and she said 'He might not remember but he will always have it in him'

I hope he does, I think he will.