Thursday, 20 May 2010

Help please!

I need everyone's opinion on something. I enjoy working in a team because I can bounce ideas off people. So please step up and bounce back :)

I am working on a coin quilt (google image it, you'll get the picture) for a dear friend. My intention was to do black and white with a splash of red. I have added the red and now I am not so sure??

(nb there will be white borders between and around the patchwork)

Black and White only option.

Splash of red option

So what do you think peeps?? More red? Lose it totally? HELP!

(side note: all the fabric is from Bird Textile remnants. How lush is it?!)


  1. I love the bits of red, and reckon you've got just the right amount.

    I like the cream between. You might want to consider a colour other than white for the sashing (between bits) as it might "blend" into the white of your other pieces? Maybe a cream or tan or grey? Just a thought.

    Yes, LOVE the fabric!

  2. Red bits, please. And I think Melissa's idea of cream for the sashing is a winner, too.

  3. ohhhhh...recognise the fabric - lovely!! i wasn't quite sure about the red initially but when i think of the cream there to break it up i think it might just give it that bit of 'kick' you want.