Sunday, 7 November 2010


In my last post I promised pictures of the Indian patchwork that I made for Parramasala so here they are.

getting rigged into position

hung during the bump in

and finally in all its lit glory with performers on stage.

Well done to my friend Jenn for conceptualising such a great backdrop. I think it looks wonderful, it is so rewarding to see my work in such a practical application (and to actually see it all laid out for the first time!)


  1. OMG WOW!!!! That look AMAZING! Well done you & Jenn!

  2. That looks amazing! Great work :-) Sarah N

  3. Brilliant Naomi and Jenn. Very cool. Especially like them suspended from your inner west balcony. Where do they go to next?

  4. That's incredible Naomi! Having flashbacks to sewing those banners for that dragon movie or whatever it was back when you were at QCA...I think we almost came to blows over mum's sewing machine!

  5. Wow Naomi, It looks AMAZING! Congrats!

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