Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Back to work...

After a lovely one month break I returned to the Isle of Dogs for a second series of Psychic Private Eyes. I plan to update you a bit later with some pictures of my commute (mostly by bike) into work and also of the area that I am working in because it really is pretty amazing...but that will come later.

So out first series of PPE has now started to broadcast not only in the UK but in about 191 countries. We have also started to get emails from places like Romania (where we rate very highly) wanting us to 'come my mystery to find solve please'. Well I'm glad they like the show somewhere.
My feet with a poster of the show behind

Most of the old team from the first series have come back so it is nice to have an office full of friends to come to everyday. We also all pretty much approach the show with the same attitude and sense of fun!

My first episode was not an uplifting one and I'd rather not dwell on it bu my second took me to the west country with a lovely new directer called Jacqui (very weird to hear people referring to Naomi and Jacqui!)

The story was about a man from Bath called Phillip who went missing in 2000 in 2003 his foot was found in the mouth of the Severn river in Bristol. The theory was that he had fallen into the river somewhere near bath and his foot had come away from his body over the years and travelled down the river to Bristol. The Severn Bridge close the one of our filming locations...it goes all the way to wales

After an enlightening and rather gross conversation with a underwater recovery policeman I learnt that it is actually not that uncommon for feet to come away in water...I also learnt lots more about bodies decomposing in water which I won't share!
The B&B we stayed in outside of Bristol

Jacqui and I spent a week in Bath and a few days in Bristol. When we went it film the interview with Phillips Sister and Mother I was faced with a challenging moment of my career when I had to hold a very active baby while trying to operate the camera...very difficult! Especially when the baby thinks that you might breastfeed him!
Baby trying to help with the camera work

We took TJ (one of the psychics) down the river on a boat which was a fun process and I also got to go through a lock with a lovely couple who had a canal boat that they live on every now and then...Great Fun!

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  1. Great idea Nomi, I love it. I have to rush off to Sydney but will read at my leisure when I get back on Friday. I also take a lot of pictures . . . perhaps I should resurrect my blog for people overseas.

    Do you know facebook? I signed up a few weeks ago and I reckon it's heaps better than myspace. I'll send you an invite!