Tuesday, 3 July 2007

inthe beginning there was a camera...


Well around the beginning of the year I got a new phone. This lead to two important events.

1) Bev Homel inherited my old phone and a lesson in predictive texting and now...well lets just say our inboxs are fuller

2) my new phone has a 3.2 mega pixel camera and I have been taking a lot of photos.

I take these photos mostly because I am doing something or witnessing something that I want to show other people. Sadly lots of the people that I want to share my pictorial experiences with are on the other side of the world.....hence this blog.

In April Richard and I returned from Australia to a marvellous April (lets forget about the crap May and June that have followed!). We walked into our lovely flat at about 6am and I was greeted by the most wonderful site, out cherry tree in the back garden was in full, luscious blossom. For the last few months I have been really appreciating the subtle beauty of an English summer. The tiny pink flowers and the explosions of beauty when everything seems to bloom all at once...

In the few days after we got back and before I went back to work, Richard and I took a bike ride into Soho to buy a few bits and pieces (shoes). We took the time to stop at my fave little Soho cafe and to fulfill the craving for the best kind of coffee in the world!


  1. that looks like a lamington? is that a lamington?

  2. oh, that tree...stunning.