Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wonky wonderfulness

Here is a sneak preview of a new quilt that I am ALMOST finished. I have been making this quilt in my head for so long. It is a present for a very special friends birthday (who I hope is not following my blog...I guess the fact that I didn't post anything for three months scared most people off).

I wanted to make a quilt that really suited my friend, her quirk, her beauty, her....her-ness :) Over the past few months since I started quilting I have been going on a 'journey of discovery' (me browsing quilts on the Internet for hours). I have become really taken with Liberated Quilting, Modern Quilting and the quilts of Gee's Bend. Much as I loved the asymmetry of these designs I suspected that this effect was much harder to achieve than the traditional look! I came across a great quilt blogger called Quilt Dad. He has a 'wonky block' tutorial on his blog which is so clear and easy to follow and also really easy to adapt my own style.

Next...fabric. Easy! Yeah right... There is too much choice in the world (Internet). I eventually settled on a Anna Maria Horner Good Folks stack of fat quarters. Even after postage the price is pretty darn good. I am so happy with my choice, the fabric has a sort of gloss or sheen to it that makes it look rich, lush, almost fecund (he he just saw The Kids Are Alright...anyone else seen it and get my fecund reference?).

So enough with the words, here is my work in progress pictures of my new quilt (dare I call it The Fecund Quilt??)

This was the first block I made

Pinned and ready to be quilted

Taped up to guide my quilting

taking over the kitchen table

Pictures of the finished product to come!

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  1. Very impressive Naomi. And in between stitches she whipped up a beautiful quilt for one-year-old Billie. Thank you so much. xxxx