Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Yen Quilt

Well I have finally gifted this quilt so I can display it without giving it away!

This quilt was based loosely on a coin quilt that I saw in an online preview of a Jelly Roll quilt book. Basically for what I can gather a coin quilt is a quilt that has stacks of 'coins' (rectangles of fabric) in various different patterns. They can be stacked on top of each other or at irregular spaces and they are joined with sashing of a contrasting material. I had decided to use remnants packs from Bird Textiles to make my quilt so cutting 'coins' out of these remnants worked perfectly. Given that I find Bird Textiles to have a real Japanese feel to them I have decided to name the quilt my Yen Quilt (get it? Coin. Yen. yeah?)

When the quilt top was sewn with the sashing in I knew that I was going to struggle to quilt this myself of my home machine, so I phoned a friend. The amazing Yvonne (mother in law of my friend Sarah Mac) quilted it for me using her long arm machine. I think that the intricate stippling really makes this quilt, it is such a contrast from the straight lines of the pattern. I am pretty fixed on the idea of quilting my own projects in the future but I am soooo happy with Yvonne's work on this one.

Here is Lewis 'helping' me prepare the binding.

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